Sunday, June 03, 2007

I know i am suppose to blog here really often. Ok now that i don't have a life but i have a wireless internet connection I shall blog here more often ok.... Well shall blog about how each and every one of us is turning 21 this year. I feel the same actually... I don't know... Shld ask meng and dolphin as well... hey meng update us on how u celebrated ur bday.... Haven't told us yet... Must be u had a secret party without inviting us rite... How could u!!! We are such nice frens to be able to read ur mind and know wat u wanted for ur bdae.... Haha... Next is deb's turn.... HOHOHO... Deb my wish for u is for u to get fatter... Can't wait for ur party.... So have u decided on a theme yet?? We shld all meet up more regularly.... I want some more sleepovers... Deb can we sleepover at ur party?? Need help decorating or anything?? More importantly wat shld we get deb.... Lambs let's all come together w/o deb and discuss k.... Ok so now that i have blogged it's u guys turn....


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Monday, April 02, 2007

yoyo.. yar our blog is dead.. haha.. haiz.. pple ard me are all depressed.. esp the bugger.. depressed pple make me depressed.. haiz.. think i am already depressed..

as u can notice, it aint exactly a great time for me.. i am miserable..

rolling in my misery..


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Friday, March 30, 2007


ok first important thing to do for the resuscitation of this blog is to say... a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! well yeah, no one has blogged yet this year. it's ME.

alrite, down to business. so how're all of you? i'm back in Australia (obviously) and my semester has already started (DUH). yeah i'm currently into week 5, and i've been pretty busy with school work. well one thing is that i'm being more consistent now (compared to previous sems) and another is the fact that i'm taking up a language now, which would be Spanish. haha i'm really doing it! i enjoy learning it, 'cos it's interesting and one of my Spanish teachers is DAMN HOT!! heh yeah it's a She. hahaha.. i'm totally up for Latino chicas ah!!

urm other than that, taking up a language is rather time-consuming which explains why i'm busier this sem. but yeah, i'm cool with it. oh and i've moved to the city already (if you guys don't remember). it's much better i reckon, though much more expensive. i live in an apartment now, that has a gym & swimming pool, kinda like a hotel. haha apartments here have the same concept almost everywhere. anyways it's kinda strange 'cos after i moved to the city i go out less. tsktsk..

SO, c'mon people, let's come together again! UPDATE UPDATE!!!

=Dilly Dally Sally=

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Pls come support meeE! my very own webbie selling hand-made charms n xccessories!! got many more others..forest mystique is my very 1st creation.. gog0goOO!! help me spread the word too! i wanna cover cost soon... hee!


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Friday, October 06, 2006

ur blog is deaD! Again!

waiting for my e-seminar to start now...heE! retarded programme... then i'm goin for the Nokia Starlight cinema!!!!! whoOopies! destress!


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Sunday, September 24, 2006

i am back.. had a overnight mahjong and movie session (more mahjong den movie though) at my frens hse.. hehe.. tired.. just came back..

aniwae, its my hols now but its a super lousy hols with alot of work and little play.. aniwae, SALLY!! wat makes u so sure tt i will read!! u addressed a comment specially to me!! haha.. okok.. i know u know tt i will read it.. yar yar.. but its cool man.. i also want to try it!! okok.. maybe not a lapdance cause i am so not interested in girls, but i also want to go in and take a look and see wats it like.. sobz.. i am jealous tt u get to try so many cool stuff.. haiz.. i can only imagine wat its like.. but 50 for such a lousy dance is pretty ex isint is?? and shdnt they do some kinda slower music den pop?? how can u be sexy dancing to pop music?!?!? oh yar, do u get to choose the stripper to dance for u?? and doesnt tt mean the whole world can see her stripping for u?? tell me more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha.. tata.. shall go and sleep.. slept only 3 hrs ytd and its on a sofa with lotsa interference also.. so pretty shagged now..


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Saturday, September 23, 2006


look who's back in da house yo?!! lol yep sally's back alright!!!! =D

okie since red/orange, green & blue are taken up, i shall take purple. my new favourite colour =) god i swear i used to hate it so much, nv know that i would ever like it! haha yup unpredictable as life =/

anyways thanx for the greetings guys, they really mean a lot to me =) i dunno y but i dun feel like i've had my birthday, if not, birthdays just get suckier as you get older. anyone with me? haha.. yeps this year's bday - no breakfast, fast food lunch, chinese cuisine dinner & strip club. yes strip club = naked women dancers. well i wanted an eye opener and melb has officially become the place for me to do 'illegal' or disapproved stuff where i can't in sg. i shall not list out what they are but don't worry sisters, it's part of experimentation & experience. u guys gotta trust me, i know my limits. ok but i'm scared myself, sometimes i really don't know what i'm capable of or what i am doing =/ i feel so scattered nowadays =(

ok enuff deviation, back to my bday. basically it was rather awful. fine ya i got a surprise home-baked cake at 12 midnight, it was sweet. then alcohol, i remember downing disgusting shivas =/ woke up to send a fren of my fren off at the airport, so we grabbed fast food lunch which is cool. fastfood can't go wrong, they taste great all time =) k then i went back to have a nap & woke up for dinner. i (& other frens) ended up waiting for half an hour for people who just woke up from rave party the night before. they were so slow & almost looked sian. then when we all finally gathered, the restaurant that we wanted to dine at wasn't open. so we spent another half an hour or more deciding where to eat. ok fast forward, we offically started dinner at 9 plus. at least dinner was a comfort.

strip club. they wanted to bring me to this professional & reputed strip club called spearmint rhinos. more waiting. then finally all gathered again. couldn't get in cos 1 of us is 17, so we went to the one nxt to it called centrefold. it was v.empty inside, only 1 dancer at a time on the table (with a pole of cos). i dunno.. i was damn sian alr, the dancers were insignificant lah. then they bought me a lap dance. ok she was the most petite dancer there lah, more asian size. k this part may be a lil x-rated for some of you so don't read if you're not ready. here goes:

she brought me to this corner, and i sat on the sofa, passed her $50 (she'll dance for 3 songs). ok so after abt 30 sec into the 1st song, she started to strip. top 1st, then bottom. when she took off her top, i almost spit out my beer (i was drinking from a bottle of stella artois). guess wat? ok this is real mean but i've to admit i was really taken aback when i saw her small tits! i know, i've no right to say that 'cos i'm a runway myself, & no offence to pple w small tits. guess somehow i expected angmos esp strippers to have bigger ones =x haha ok then most of the time i din know where to look, but i do rmber staring at her naval piercing. she has a nice stomach.

ya then comes the bottom. yes mary, they shave down there so ya u sorta can see a clean pussy. (x'cuse my for crude languages =x) k u know strippers r suppose to arouse their clients right? omg she's like fondling herself most of the time lah, and her dance moves were repetitive. the song choices were wrong, imagine strippers dancing to pop music? it was sooo wrong and seriously i was the least bit aroused. she's so not gay. haha.. & she's 27, a lil old i'd say, typical aussie looking, blond, long hair, tanned. oh well.. wat an experience.

haha but i'm not satisfied. i'm determined to go spearmint rhinos someday & get a solid lap dance! *roar* this is not me being perv, but i would like a gd experience. heehee =p yup that's abt my bday account. long ah. heh let the singles re-unite (except for shark)!! at this point of life, let's just focus on the cert 1st, cos at least we know that'll never leave us. take care folks, shall bitch again some time later. tc all!!

+ sally +

P.S my nickname here is georgina! wth!!

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hey peeps..

i am sad.. cause ytd at driving lesson, my instuctor, wilson said tt he would probably me his last lesson with me.. cause he is going to be attached to another car.. haiz.. so its a new instuctor for me, plus back to frankie..

oh yar. wilson is 33 by the way.. so old.. but its for the best i guess.. hmm.. =(

plus i had my midterm accting quiz on wed, and i totally died.. cause you get a mark for a corect answer and they deduct 1/2 marks for wrong answers.. so i answered all and got alot wrong.. save me..


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